Hardscape Construction

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A hardscape is any paved portion in an outdoor area. Examples of this can include block walls, outdoor fire pits, and fireplaces. There are several purposes for such features such as convenience and increase in property value, not to mention a beautiful design. Hardscape design can be integrated into your irrigation design to help with the flow of water. This can prevent unplanned ponds from forming in your garden when it rains.

From an aesthetic perspective, a hardscape design can provide shape and detail to any scene. They also help to support softscapes, which consist of things like flower beds and artificial hills. Hardscapes can also act as boundaries for water features and make sure your lawn ponds don’t dry up in the summer. A good landscape design incorporates both hardscapes and softscapes seamlessly with retaining walls, lawn waterfalls, walkways, and landscape lighting design.

If you have any custom landscaping designs that you want to throw our way, just let us know every detail and we will be sure to create a beautiful hardscape for you. Our efficient and creative landscape contractor knows the ins and outs of quality landscape work and design. So there is no doubt that your hardscape build is in good hands.

For top notch hardscape construction to your front or backyard by contacting us at Collins Professional Landscaping of Morganton Inc in Morganton, NC.


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